Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Catch Up...Big Time!!!

So I messed up my old blog really really bad and I finally decided to start over. I'm
basically gonna catch you up on the past 6 months or hold on to your bum haha :)

My parents 50th Wedding Anniversary
It was down in Arizona Sept. 12th 2009. holly cow I forgot
 how hot it was down there.St. George is cold compared to AZ
GEEZ!! It was such a blast though and a really quick trip
 (I was really pregnant) and Jack didn't sleep the entire
 8 hours there or was awesome!It was so great to see
almost all of my siblings and all the cute grandkids and even more
amazing to see my parents get this suprise anniversary party.

 Michael John Spilker 10/16/2009 6lbs 13oz
Poor little guy was born 3 weeks early he decided he was ready
to meet Jack and unfortunetly had to stay in the NICU for a week
that was definitely no fun and it was hard living at the hospital.

Brother's first Halloween together. Lions and Bears oh my they're cute!
Jac finally got this finished for me he did a really great
job and Jack uses it a ton for all of his toys.
Michael's such a cutie and here's his first real bath. I promise he love it
the picture would seem other wise but seriously he loved it and still does.
Christmas 2009
I love Jack's hair and face in this picture he looks really ticked!
Matching Jams oh and that's a light saber off to the side thanks
Uncle Brian and Aunt Lisa.
Christmas day at Zac and Jayme's house...Jack loved Olivia's stroller.
Jack's first sledding experience with cousin Chelsea over New Year's
Cousins Kira and Tanner with Michael over New Year's
My cute boys smiling for the camera and Michaels first time in the Bumbo
which I got from a girl off of Craigslist for $10 and it's absolutely perfect

Jack and his favorite cousin and person in the world Olivia he calls
her Beea. They've had a few play dates lately and he always blesses
her when we say prayers.
Crystle's Baby Shower
I threw a shower for Crystle my darling sister in law. It was way fun
I had a good time making all of these things.
My first time making a diaper cake it was fun!
My Mom made these really cute sport sugar cookies and Crystle's
made the cute cupcakes. Everything turned out perfect.

He's starting to get so big at his 4 month appointment he was 15 1/2 lbs
25" and growing like a weed. Even though he was early and has
 been really difficult to nurse he obviously is getting enough milk.  
 Yard Sales
I love going to yard sales I found this little gem of a costume for
Michael next year for only 25 cents...not too shabby!

Campout over Spring Break 2010
It was good times; Jack loved it and still talks about it
the fire and the big cows, yes there were big cows roaming around.
He can officially open the fridge and one day I heard him open it
and then he closed it but had a Caprison in his hand.

Bryson Bruce Hatch
3/11/2010 8lbs 14oz Big Boy!!
This was such a wonderful day. Crystle and my brother Bruce had their
first child. I was able to be in the room and video the entire thing it was
such an awesome experience and I'm so happy these two are parents.
He's such a cutie and I can't wait for him and Michael to be best buds.