Monday, September 12, 2011

Break Time

Thought I'd add this pick of all of us from the girls trip. It really was sooo fun!

Snorkeling at Fort Lauderdale Beach with the Smith's
(this is what happens when class gets cancelled)

 Soo many airplanes and helicopters flying around this state. I guess that's what happens when you live at a vacation destination.

 Alyse and I catchin some sun for probably 2 minutes cause the kiddos keep us busy. Really though they are amazing when we're there.
 My poor boys get rubbage on their legs when we go to the beach so by the end of the day they are usually walking bow legged or want their shorts off hahha. (Paetyn, Jack, and Michael)

Saturday, September 3, 2011


 So as I said in my previous post my husband got accepted into Anesthesia Assistant school out in Fort Laudale Florida. We started our 2500 mile journey across the US with our two toddlers and they did suprisingly well. They had their moments but what do ya expect. Finally we arrived in Florida and our stuff came the next day; several people came from our new ward to help which was amazing. So below are some of the great timesand adventures we've had so far:

         I feel bad putting this up but it was too funny of
         Michael. This is the bad times when my kids would
         wake up on the big drive and we were still driving,
         they would be ticked. Oh and the whole time driving
        our kids probably took maybe a thirty minute nap a day
         on a 4 1/2 day trip!!!!!

                                          Yes i bought my child a chocolate icecream cone in
                                          our new van. You'd do the same on a 2500 mile trip haha!!

                                          This was crazy our whole dinner was heated in the
                                          microwave. Thanks mac n cheese and nachos!!! haha
                                         I'm not gonna lie this hotel was scary and in a part
                                         of town that we were nervous about. We said a lot of
                                         prayers this trip.

                                          The Mississippi river. It was really high when we
                                          passed and so massive. Seriously a sight to be seen.

                                           We made it!!!! Our unit is on the first floor. Only 15
                                         and we get to make the journey back...AHHHH!!!!  

                                           Hollywood beach in Florida not in Cali. This was
                                          our first beach trip. The water is warm and turqoise
                                          also at this beach they have a great splash pad for
                                          the kids.
                                         We decided to go on an airboat ride to see the alligators
                                         out in the Everglades. It was so worth it and the boys
                                        had a blast. At the end Jac and I held an alligator!!!

                                         Look to the right of Jac's head yes that's an alligator
                                        no fence, nothing to protect us but it was so fun!!!

                                          So this is the playground by our home. We come here
                                         and alternate between the two pools where we live.
                                         So far we're surviving with just one vehicle and every
                                          so often hit up the splash pad with our darling friends
                                        that we met here, the Smiths. They're from Utah and our
                                          husband's are in the program together.

                                           Jack practicing his circles and he has all of his sounds
                                          down from sight and sound through N.

                                          We had some friends here who we adored and did
                                          so much for us, the Brady's, well they moved back to
                                         Utah and we're gonna miss them like crazy. Our boys
                                          loved Vanessa, or as Michael would say,  "Nessa's".
                                          Good luck Brady family in clinicals and we miss you!!

                                         Splash pad fun: Michael and little buddy Pae Pae

                                           The entire Broward police dept was at the super Target
                                        promoting safety the boys were terrified of the dog.

                                         Jack finally let go of naps but every so often he's
                                          exhausted and this is what happens hahaha. Actually
                                         he's only done this position once :)

                                          Happy 4th of July Parade

                                          The Broward mall has these great FREE activities
                                           twice a month inside and my kids love it. There's a
                                          craft, face painting, storytime, dancing and a snack.

How great and lucky we are to have the Smiths here
we have decided to trade babysitting with them and
it really is working out nicely. They went out and had
good time. Jac and I went to the final Harry Potter
movie which was soooo good and dinner to a tasty
Tex Mex place called Azteca. Here are their two
little ones Paetyn and Ashton fast asleep it was so
cute. Alyse Smith is their mama and she is such a
great person we have a blast together and I'm so lucky
to have her here. I think I'd go crazy if she weren't.

                                     This is all they do and I'm not even kidding. Puppy dogs!!

                                       Finally I broke down and bought this SWEET stroller
                                        I can't even tell ya how much I've used it kinda rediculous
                                       actually. I highly recommend it.

                                        Human totem poll at the front pool of our complex

                                         Jaxson's, such a fun place in south Florida you have
                                          to try it if you're ever in town. Seriously the best.

                                           More fun at the mall. Jack didn't know what he
                                          wanted on his face so the lady said Batman he said
                                          yeah, well Jack doesn't even know what or who
                                          Batman is haha but he still loved it.

                                          Young at Art Museum aw sad Vanessa again :(

                                           The dads being good sports :)

                                                     More mall fun and a dragon this time.
This was the day hurricane Irene passed by Florida
crazy that we went to check it out but it was no biggy.
    Honestly I didn't think we'd get any visitors but this past week two of my sister's and two sister's in law (who are like sisters) came out had a girls trip. It was such a blast I can't thank them  enough for the great time. We had some great chats, hardly any sleep, great food, near death experiences and saw some awesome things around south Florida. I'm thankful and blessed to have such a great family and I
                                        miss you girls already.

Sarasota Siesta Keys
We decided to take a trip during Jac's one week
summer break to a place our friends recommended.
It was such a blast the sand was so cool, literally.
The hotel was on a private beach and it was amazing.
We stayed there for 3 days and 2 nights and seriously
it was a blast.

So I can't believe we're here and have been for 3 1/2
months. Jac has done such an amazing job in school. So
proud of him, so glad we're here and so blessed. We've
already experienced and done so much and we're having a blast!!!!
Hopefully I do a better job at posting but who am I trying to kid ;)