Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween Party!

So my neighbor friend, Lainee, and I decided to have a little Halloween party. It turned out so good. We had it at our clubhouse where we live. Tami and Lainee did majority of the decorating and did a great job. We served chilli with all the fixins, chips 'n' salsa, IBC drinks, a candy bar, and a white chocolate fountain. We played a couple games: guess the amount of candy corn, the donut game, and this really funny apple game. It was a lot of fun and it was nice to not have to worry about the kiddos even though I'm sure it would've been fun to have them there. Everyone seemed to have a good time and it was fun to see all the funny and scary costumes. Seriously Halloween is so much fun I can't wait to take the boys trick or treating and I can't wait to do another party. Maybe a Christmas one haha:) 

Jac and I as pirates haha

                                  The Party Planners               

Monday, October 18, 2010

Michael's First Birthday!!

So wow I can't believe our little Michael turned one it's absolutely nuts how fast the time has gone. Michael is such an amazing baby. He's so happy, funnyand is definitely his own little person. I'm tellin ya you can tell what your child like when they're inside of you. Jack was kicking like crazy all the time, active, active, active. Then there was Michael who kicked softly and every so often throughout the day. When I was 20 weeks pregnant with Michael we found out there was a chance he may have a fatal chromosome defect called Trisonomy 18. We were pretty freaked out and I was a wreak everytime I had
to have another gloom and doom ultrasound. At 32 weeks I had another ultrasound which my husband's family and mine did a huge fast for and low and behold everything that the perinatologist was worried about was gone cleared up, nothing to worry about we are so thankful our prayers were answered. Well 4 weeks and 5 days later at 6:37am I gave birth to a 6lb 13oz sweet baby. Since he was a little early his lungs were underdeveloped so they took him to the pre-NICUroom and well just after they administered the Surfvactant and were messin with him pokin him and making him scream histerically he decided to stop breathing and went blueish; I was in the room holding his finger when this happened and I actually
don't remember what was going on I was in shock, frozen standing there helpless. Well the doctor and nurses got him back breathing and besides a few other minor complications he was able to come home 6 days later.  Michael is such a blessing in my life and is such a wonderful baby. I feel so lucky to have him and a little nervous to be such a special little guys Mom. We love you Michael; you really are our little angel. Happy Birthday!

Michael's Birthday Party "Hole in One"
So for Michael's first birthday party we decided to do a hole in  one golf theme. It turned out exactely as I wanted it to. We had a really awesome putting green thanks to my brother Brian, pinned the ball in the hole game, golf club piniata, cupcakes, pizza, salad, grapes, water, gatorade, and icecream. Michael had a blast and was so happy. He actually pounded his giant cupcake that was decorated as a golf course
par 1 :) Anyhow it really was so fun and thanks to everyone who came or who wished him a Happy Birthday...he definitely knows he's loved. I want to add some videos of the party on here too but my computer is being lame so those are to come.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I love Halloween and loved how this turned out I
can't wait to use it...almost time! I just glued Lima beans
randomly all over a styrofoam ring, painted it, painted
the S and wala :)
Dragon fruit crazy looking huh
Jack is so funny he loves Naked fruit juice and the green
machine flavor gives him a great mustache.

Fishy Kisses

Monday, August 2, 2010

Fun Week!!

Jack is trying to tell me he's 2 :)
Out with my sister, mom, sister in laws and niece.

Zion's on Friday with a bunch of my family. It was so fun
and so beautiful. I seriously want to move there and own
a bed and breakfast someday.
Look close and you'll see a squirrel. Jack was getting way to close it was scaring me to death. Michael is such a cuddily sweet kissing baby. I love my little much fun. They did soooo good at Zions.

So I bought this Entertainment Center at the DI for $20 and I think it turned out pretty good. It's so nice to have an organized space for all of our DVDs games and fifty million cords haha.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Salt Lake

So we went up to Boutiful for Jac's grandpa's 90th birthday party. While we were up there we had my sister in law snap some shots when we went to temple square. Anyhow they turned out pretty decent even though the kids weren't looking and we only took like 7 or 8 shots. Everyone was being too impatient and the kids were sick of it cause it was nap time, Michael was teething, everyone was saying cheese from all directions; oh well so considering all that, they really turned out great.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Boys

So my boys are getting so big. Jack turned 2 in May and Michael is officially 8 months old. We just went on our first family vacation a few weeks ago and the boys did great! Michael is finally sitting up on his own great (when Jack lets him) and is eating baby food 3 times a day now. He does a funny crawl where he lays on his tummy with his legs straight out and pulls himself with his arms. Jack loves his baby brother but sometimes drives me nuts cause he won't leave the little guy alone. Jack is such a funny little guy and says the funniest stuff. He always knows when I open the pantry door because he'll appear out of nowhere and when he wants a chocolate covered raisin he says, "One, just one, just one, no more k, just one" I wonder where he got that from. Anyhow being a Mom is the best and I abolutely love my boys. They are so much fun and I'm so glad they're mine.