Friday, October 21, 2011

What We've Been Up Too:)

Seriously this is all they do. They're like puppy dogs. I'm so glad they have eachother even though they fight a ton they play a ton too.
 I decided to try these raspberry rolls with lemon icing. They turned out really tasty.
 Jac and I went on a date thanks to our friends the Smith's. We walked around Las Olas ate at the Cheesecake Factory and then went on the water taxi. It was such a fun night so relaxing and was sooo much fun?
 The boys love play dough and I also make some Gak stuff which they love too. Thank you Pintersest!
 MMMM homeade tortillas for homeade Bajios.

 Isn't this lady amazing that does the face painting literally takes a minute or 2 max for her to do this. The boys love it!
I was missing Pizza Factory. Obviously not as good but close and about 1/8 the price ha.

 Happy 2nd Birthday Mynull!!! Wow this little guy has a heart of gold. He is an amazing little boy and is soooo much fun. He's getting so big, he loves to do whatever Jack is doing and runs and jumps everywhere! He's talking so much these days and says some hilarious stuff. His brown eyes melt my heart and he's such a joy to have. We feel so blessed to have him and can't believe it has already been 2 years since we had this little guy. Happy Birthday we love you sooo much!!

Sorry these pics made us laugh the goggles were lame no wonder they were on clearance :(

So we were supposed to go down to the Keys Monday but it rained and rained. Jac had a little break but it basically made us stay inside the entire time which was frustrating. Jac heard about this awesome fish store near us and awesome is an understatement it was rediculously amazing!! The boys had a blast then next door to it was a bounce house place. The boys had never been and they had a ball. We had the whole place to ourselves and ended up having a great break.