Friday, June 3, 2011

Big Time Update Part I

So a ton has happened since my last post ha so I'll do my best to catch ya up. The above two pictures
were taken at the Spilker home for Thanksgiving 2010. This was also Jac's last semester of undergrad classes. Jac's brother Nick got marriend this month also down in Arizona so that was fun and I was able to visit with lots of my family. We had an open house in St. George up at Stone Cliff for him and his new wife Kallee (she's a doll) I was able to help and it was a lot of fun. Also I went back to Christensen's to manage their Junior department. It was difficult being away from my kiddos but it really was a blessing for us at the time ya know. They knew our situation and that Jac was applying for AA school and if he got accepted we would be gone the beginning of summer. I was able to go to market as well down in Las Vegas and do the buying for Juniors it was a blast! Also I had the first ever girls trip with my mom and sisters down in Cali. It was so fun, I really have beautiful sisters both inside and out. It was much needed and way way overdue!

The weather was weird in St. George and it actually snowed enough for Jac to make the most massive snowman I've ever seen. It lasted for at least a week it was great oh and someone stole the hat...lame but it was getting pretty nasty looking.
A couple days before Thanksgiving with my sister's kids at my parents house.

Every year since we have been married I have made Jac his favorite, german
chocolate cake. I decided to make him a giant one cupcake version ha.

I'm sorry but he reminds me of an Ewok haha.

Jack loved making this choo choo train.

One day when I got home from work this is what
I came home to. Little boys eating batter from a brownie
mix. That's what happens when Dad is with them :)
We decided to hike up to the Dixie sign. Jack loved
it and every time we drove past it he say, "Remember Mom the
mountains that was fun huh!" So also Jack had been having some
weird things with his sleep so I took him in to the doctor and
believe it or not poor little guy had sleep apnea. His tonsils were
huge and they thought his adnoids may be huge too. We ended up having to
have them taken out which wow we didn't realize how intense
the aftermath would be with a 2 year old and it was. He wasn't
allowed to eat hardly anything and he was in so much pain.
Thank goodness we made it through.

So Jac got accepted to a couple of schools for
their AA program (Anesthia Assistant). We both
felt that Fort Lauderdale Florida was where
we should go so before we left for a huge adventure
we thought we'd take a trip just the two of us to Vegas.
We stayed at a really fun hotel ate some amazing foods
and had a blast. Thanks to my parents for watching
the boys.

Easter sure was fun this year. Jack really understood what was
going on and really went for it. Michael actually did too. They loved
the candy and were so fun. This year my husband's cousin Cody
decided to put together an Easter Egg hunt for the little cousins .
The kids had so much fun.

The following Monday after Easter Cody had passed.
He was such a wonderfulperson, father and friend.
Even though he's no longer with us he will never
be forgotten. We love you so sooo much Cody and your
contagious laugh. So many good times...until we meet again.

Jack's Third Birthday it was kinda a hot mess. I held it
the same day as the iron man. Hardly anyone came (thanks
to those who did come Bruce's fam, Clint's fam, Lainee  and Rach
with their kids) the splash pad wasn't working and oh did I mention
 that I smashed theback of our van into Jac's Dad's truck!!!!!!!
 Thank goodnessno one was hurt and his Dad's truck was fine. Our van on the
other hand yea bad. $1000 deductable the week before we moved to Florida lame huh!

Before we left we had a Spilker family reunion
and during we had my best friend, whom I miss terribly,
take our family pics. She did a great job. Her blog is Her prices are fantastic
you will definitely be getting your money's worth. She just
 really has a good eye and a passion for taking awesome
pictures. This was her first ever huge group session and she ripped
it up. So go check her out and you might as well set up a session
with her :) So my Big Time Update Part II is coming up hopefully
 in the next couple of days. Thanks miss all of you and love you so much!