Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Good Times

So the fall has been pretty busy for us will all the festive things that go down. We had a great time over at the Smith's decorating pumpkins and eating yummy treats. The boys really had a great time.

 The Disney store at our mall had this fun little activity where they played games, showed the crowning of Rapunzel, a costume parade and then gave a little bag with fun things in it. The boys to be honest weren't too excited but hey it was free ha.

 Pinterest is amazing! I have found and actually done so many cool things from there. I decided to try this one out and the boys had sooo much fun. It looks so dark in this picture but I could see their faces and everything perfectly so it wasn't pitch black in there.

 Halloween was so much fun. I bought these costumes last year on big time clearance at Walmart.
Michael finally warmed up to the idea of wearing it and eventually was ok with the little hood. Once he realized he got candy for wearing it ;)
 The trunk or treat with our ward. Unfortunetly it started to downpour so we all went inside. The boys still had a great time and it was fun seeing everyone and all the kids dressed up. Jac went as a Dr haha
 I'm a 70s person even though I can be mistaken as an Indian.
 There were a few buzz lightyears at the trunk or treat.
 Halloween night we decided to stay home, watch a movie, make a haunted village, and eat chilli. The boys had a blast and to be honest we were so done with candy and that after all the parties and things prior to that night. Also got one trick or treater I'm glad I bought a bag of candy.
 Jack looks so old in this picture I can't even believe how old he's getting.
 We love going outside riding bikes and the 4wheeler. Jack has done such a great job taking little buddies on rides. (Sam &Jack, Paetyn & Jack)
 I know crazy we went swimming in November. The water was a little cool but it was 80 degrees out and the boys were just fine. Do we really want to leave here when school is done?
 Bang Bang Chicken and Shrimp: First attempt, Jac loved it but I need to make some changes it was pretty tasty though.
 So we went to Dania beach with the Smith's on Saturday and all I can say is it was perfect! It was warm out the water was refreshing and the boys had a blast with the big waves that come this time of year. It really was so fun and I only live 15 minutes from this heaven on earth. The pictures don't do the water justice with how turquoise it is.

So before Halloween our good friend Brian Atkinson came into town for his work. He invited us to an event his company put on and wow it basically was a once in a life time adventure for us. We were able to check out their private jets worth 16 million and these amazing vehicles called Rolls Royce;) they were like nothing I have ever seen. They made our Cadi look like a dump not even kidding in the slightest. They had it catered by an amazing chef and they passed around tasty hor'derves(not sure how to spell that one) all night. It was way fun and we had a great time pretending we were cool haha.

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  1. Hey Britt love the pics and yes it has been quite busy this last month but a blast!! Cant wait for the month to come:)