Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Wow so Thanksgiving came and went really fast and here we are on the countdown for Christmas, so exciting! So our friends went with us to take eachother's family pictures. I'm so happy with how they turned out esspecially since we have a tiny lame camera and it was incredibly windy (I'm glad I had my hair down and a dress on ha) Anyhow, it was fun and we're having such a great time in this gorgeous state. The weather is insane and if it were just a couple states over to the west we wouldn't hesitate to stay. We miss all of you back home like crazy and hope you have a wonderful Christmas season.

After the beach with some friends the boys had a blast!

 So I love yard sales I find the coolest toys for my boys. I found this Lite Brite cube it didn't even look used and it was $2. They love it!!
Plantation Holiday Parade
I went with Alyse and her two kiddos. Our diligent hardworking husbands studied all day and so it was just us Moms with the little ones. We a lot of fun they passed out tons of candy and it wasn't very crowded. The only lame thing was it started to really rain hard as Santa passed so we didn't get to see him.

 We went to the park with some friends from the ward and Jack was fascinated with their snake. Brave kid!
 Believe it or not this was a complete disaster ha. They couldn't keep their plates on the cooler they were frustrated with not being able to get super close to their plates...oh well ha, guess i need a real kid table:)

 Christmas Tree oh Christmas Tree!! Don't laugh that really is our tree this year. The boys love it so that's all that matters. They had soo much fun decorating it.

Good ole Pinterest. I saw this darling idea to make a felt tree for the boys to play with. I think I like it more than they do. I might decorate it more too:)
We love it when Daddy can play with us; he's the best block builder ever. The boys couldn't wait to knock it down. That's the blocks purpose right.

I can't believe I captured this but I think it's pretty sweet!

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  1. SUPER cute family pictures!! You have the cutest family!! ... I love how much fun you guys have together! I may have to steal your felt tree idea:)